Algiers, 4 July 2023 (TDI): The Second Algeria-Italy Strategic Dialogue was held in Algiers. The secretary-general ambassador, Riccardo Guariglia, was received by Ahmed Ataf, Algerian Minister of Foreign Affairs and the National Community Abroad.

The dialogue was co-chaired by Riccardo Guariglia and his counterpart Lunes Magramane.

The first dialogue between Algeria and Italy was conducted in Rome in March 2022. They discussed security issues through the threats of terrorism, bilateral cooperation, and the immigrant crisis.

Ahmed Ataf, Algerian Minister of Foreign Affairs and the National Community Abroad, focused on the need to strengthen the bilateral relationship between the two countries.

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Ataf said in the Second Algeria-Italy Strategic Dialogue that both countries have significantly increased their trade exchange by 250 percent in 2022 as compared to 2021.

Energy Projects

He also said that the energy supply of Italy was disturbed at the start of the Russian war in Ukraine, and since then, Algeria has witnessed growth in investments.

Algeria is also eager to expand its partnership in energy and power. Algeria is playing its part to be a dependable supplier to both local and international markets.

He thanked the strategic alliance between the countries, as Algeria and Italy have never seen this type of strong bond, with both sides committed to the betterment of the relationship.

He also applauded the agreement between Italy, Austria, and Germany on the SoutH2 Corridor project aiming at providing renewable hydrogen energy.

Experts indicate that this project will compensate for almost 10 percent of the energy needs of Europe by 2050 and will make means for a much more significant agreement in the EU.

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Furthermore, Agenzia Nova, an Italian news agency, and Algérie Presse Service, an Algerian news agency, signed an agreement to understand the political, social, and economic problems with possible collaboration.

In the Second Algeria-Italy Strategic Dialogue, Samir Gaid, general manager of the Algérie Presse Service, signed the agreement with Fabio Squillante, general manager of Agenzia Nova.