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Saudi Arabia to purchase 121 Boeing 787 Dreamliner Aircraft


Washington DC, 16 March 2023 (TDI): The United States (US) has welcomed the announcement made by Saudi Arabia that it will purchase up to 121 Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft equipped with General Electric’s most advanced GEnex engines in a deal worth nearly $37 billion.

The announcement comes as a significant development toward realizing President Biden’s vision of a more prosperous and interconnected Middle East region.

In a statement released by the State Department Spokesperson, Ned Price, he welcomed the Saudi Arabia-Boeing deal and emphasized that it would support over one million American jobs in the aerospace supply chain across 44 states.

Ned Price endorsed that this deal is a clear win for American workers and it will enhance America’s global leadership in manufacturing.

To mention, the acquisition of these technologically advanced aircraft and engines will allow Riyadh Air and Saudi Airlines to expand their fleets and provide services to passengers to over 100 destinations in the US and around the globe.

According to this deal, Riyadh Air is buying Boeing’s 787-9 planes, which can carry about 300 passengers. Saudi Airlines will buy that and the 787-10, which can carry more than 330 passengers.

In a nutshell, this deal is a demonstration of a strong economic and strategic partnership between the two countries.

The statement also reiterated the US’ commitment to working with Saudi Arabia and all of its partners in the Middle East to support a more prosperous, secure, and integrated region, which ultimately benefits the American people.

US-Saudi Arabia Relations

For years, the US has maintained a strong relationship with Saudi Arabia, which has been an essential partner in promoting regional stability, countering terrorism, and maintaining the free flow of oil in global markets.

Also, it has provided significant military and economic support to Saudi Arabia to enhance its defense capabilities and address shared security challenges.

The announcement of the Saudi Arabia-Boeing deal also comes on the heels of Boeing’s historic Air India announcement last month in which Air India ordered 220 Boeing planes for $34 billion.

Thus, it further reinforces the company’s commitment to creating jobs and promoting economic growth in the US.

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Overall, the Saudi Arabia-Boeing deal is a significant milestone and a clear testament to the strength and resilience of the US-Saudi Arabia relationship.

Eman Mudassar Tarar
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