Nassau, 10 July 2023 (TDI): President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, received the Bahamas’ highest honor, the Order of Excellence.

Paul Kagame received the award from the Governor General of Bahamas, Cornelius Smith, on the occasion of Bahamas’ 50th Independence Day.

The president thanked the government of the Bahamas for granting this honor to him. He accepted the honor as a commitment to the relationship between the two nations.

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Prime Minister of Bahamas, Philip Davis, Prime Minister of Grenada, Dickon Mitchell, and Prime Minister of Haiti, Ariel Henry, were Present during the ceremony.

Patricia Scotland, Commonwealth Secretary General, and many other officials from the Czech Republic, Nigeria, and Ukraine were also present.

President Paul Kagame congratulated the people of the Bahamas on their independence day after receiving Bahamas’ highest honor.

He said that the Bahamas has become a role model for all the small island states after maintaining the status of an independent nation for half a century.

After its independence, the Bahamas became an economic center and a tourist destination due to its good leadership.

The Bahamas have also become a pillar of progress and stability in the region under the management of skilled leaders.

Friendly Relations

Both countries established relations on 16 June 2022. After this, both countries are trying to strengthen the relationship between the two countries.

President Davis awarded Rwandan President the Bahamas’ highest honor as acknowledgement for the president’s Friendship with the Bahamas.

While the countries are geographically away from each other, since the establishment of ties, both have been cooperating.

President Davis visited Rwanda in June 2022 to attend the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM).

President Kagame and Prime Minister Davis held a bilateral meeting to increase collaboration and build deeper cooperation to point out the challenges for both countries.

Both sides not only agreed to strengthen the relationship between each other but also expand this between the Caribbean and African countries for the betterment of both regions.