Moscow, 18 October 2022 (TDI): Foreign Minister of Russia, Sergey Lavrov had a farewell meeting with Riad Haddad, the Ambassador of Syria on 17th October 2022. The former received and greeted the latter.

Foreign Minister acknowledged the services of Riad Haddad on the completion of his tenure as an Ambassador to Russia. They discussed developing and promoting a stronger bilateral relationship between Russia and Syria.


The two sides negotiated on significant contemporary issues, relevant to the advancement and elevation of friendly cooperation between the two states. Both representatives negotiated deeply regarding various areas of mutual interests.

The officials discussed the prospects to expand trade partnerships and economic and humanitarian collaboration between the stakeholders.

They emphasized the significance of maintenance of continued, uninterrupted and active political dialogue between Russia and Syria.

The representatives also focused on developing close regional and international harmonization and planned to prioritize the task of a comprehensive settlement in Syria.

Russia-Syria Relations at a glance

Russia and Syria enjoy strong, friendly, and stable bilateral historical relations. The officials of both states make frequent working visits to reinforce the partnership. Russia is also enthusiastic about finding a solution to the Syrian crisis.

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The two states have a prolonged diplomatic partnership that consisted of a period of about 78 years. On July 2019, they celebrated the 75th anniversary of establishing these relations.

On this occasion, Russian representative Dmitry Medvedev from the foreign office congratulated Imad Khamis, Prime Minister of Syria.

He wrote, “Russia and Syria have friendly, partnership relations. Trade and economic, cultural, and humanitarian cooperation continue to develop. Large investment projects are being implemented in various areas.

I am convinced that by working together to address topical issues on the bilateral agenda, our governments will be able to further strengthen practical cooperation and create conditions for the promotion of new promising initiatives in a wide range of areas.”