New York, 11 December 2021 (TDI): Russian Deputy Permanent Representative, Anna Evstigneeva, gave a speech during the UNSC meeting; on 10 December. The meeting of the Council was on the situation of Sudan through the UN Transition Support Mission in the country.


Evstigneeva thanked the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General, Volker Perthes, for his briefing on Sudan’s situation. The Russian delegation also welcomed the participation of the Chargé d’affaires a.i. of Sudan into the UNSC.

Evstigneeva also remarked that the delegation read the latest quarterly report on Sudan; and also acknowledged the work of the UN Transition Support Mission (UNMISS) in the report. Furthermore, Evstigneeva added that Russia is following the development of the situation in the country through its difficult period.

According to her, Russia has the belief that the existing contradictions of the country’s society can; and should be resolved. Evstigneeva mentioned that the solution to those contradictions should be through inclusive dialogue.

Moreover, she remarked that the dialogue should include the influential political forces in the country; to ensure security, and also stability. The goal of this dialogue should be to achieve a national accord.


Evstigneeva then mentioned that Russia welcomed the signing of the political agreement on 21 November. According to her, that agreement was the result of intensive negotiations between the country’s military leaders and various civilian forces, social and tribal leaders.

She then added that the agreement had the active mediation of several Arab and African countries; and also regional organizations. Evstigneeva also mentioned that Russia considers important the thesis in the political declaration. According to her, that thesis is to guarantee the stability and security of Sudan.

Evstigneeva then remarked that the agreements that the Sudanese leadership reached were an important step to solve the acute internal crisis. She mentioned that Russia hopes that the implementation of the agreements to contribute to the stabilization of the situation in Sudan.


Another Russian hope is for the agreements to create favorable conditions for further progress within the transition period. Evstigneeva also commended the statement of the Sudanese Chairman of the Supreme Council, Burhan to call for elections in July 2023.

According to Evstigneeva, Russia also commended Burhan for his commitment to the peace agreement between the Transitional Government of Sudan; and several rebel groups. Evstigneeva mentioned that they signed that agreement in Juba in 2020.

Evstigneeva remarked that Russia is waiting for the results of the ongoing consultations. Those consultations are on the formation of a technocratic government in Sudan; that takes into account the interests of the periphery. According to Evstigneeva, Russia believes that the UN Transition Support Mission in Sudan will continue its work.


Evstigneeva mentioned that UNITAM’s work will continue by providing the necessary assistance to the Sudanese Leadership in several areas. Those areas that receive assistance from UNITAM’s are the settlement in Darfur, the implementation of the economic reforms, the maintenance of peace; and working with donors to provide Sudan uninterrupted financial assistance.

The Russian delegation called the UN and the Sudanese authorities to engage in a mutually respectful, constructive dialogue. She then added that the political pressures applied to Sudan will further destabilize the country.

Evstigneeva then mentioned that the delegation considered the special session of the UN Human Rights Council, on 5 November; and expressed discontent with the creation of a mandate for the HRC Special Rapporteur on Sudan.

Evstigneeva expressed her conviction that the Sudanese can solve their internal problems independently. According to her, the delegation remarked that the support for those efforts is the main task of the security service and the international community.