New York, 12 May 2022 (TDI): Since the Russian invasion, 4.8 million jobs have been lost in Ukraine. Employment losses are expected to become seven million due to escalating hostilities.

These statistics were shared in the brief “ The impact of the Ukraine crisis on the World of Work: Initial assessment” published in the UN’s Labor Agency (ILO).

According to the brief, rapid recovery can reduce the rate of unemployment by 8.9 percent by returning 3.4 million jobs.

Supporting refugees

According to statistics, 43.5 percent of 5.23 million women and children who have migrated from Ukraine previously had jobs.

Currently, Ukraine is making considerable efforts to mobilize operational national and social protection systems using digital technology to facilitate IDPs.

Rippling effects of Ukraine employment losses

Due to the Ukraine crisis, labor disruptions are also expected in Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Moldova.

Social protection systems and labor markets face acute pressure due to unprecedented exiles, thus leading to a higher employment rate in these neighboring countries.

The rippling effects on the economy and employment can also be felt in central Asian counties, including Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.

These countries are among the top ten migrants in Russia who send their remittances to their homelands from Russia.

The sanctions against Russia due to the ‘special military operation ‘ in Ukraine can result in job losses for migrant workers and trigger economic losses in the region.

The Russian invasion has complicated recovery in the post-covid-19 world by significantly impacting wage growth and stress on social protection systems.

The situation is critical in middle-income and low-income countries struggling with the impacts of Covid-19.

Earlier in March 2022, ILO passed a resolution on Russia to “immediately and unconditionally cease its aggression” against Ukraine. The organization expressed its concern for the workers and employees who risk continuing their love.

ILO also recommended measuring targeted employment support in safe areas of Ukraine for relocation and enterprises and workers. The organization also appealed for humanitarian aid to continue its work where possible.

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