Moscow, 8 March 2023 (TDI): President of Russia Vladimir Putin and Iran’s President, Ebrahim Raisi, spoke on the phone to discuss the Russia-Iran ties’ current status and future trajectory.

The leaders expressed their contentment with the bilateral relationship’s current level. They also discussed the opportunities for future cooperation in various domains.

Russia-Iran relations

Iran and Russia have a long history of collaboration. Both nations have been subject to economic sanctions by the United States (US). The association between both countries has grown stronger since the Ukraine War started last year.

The US has imposed various economic sanctions on Iran in recent years to discourage its nuclear program. The sanctions are intended to restrict Iran’s ability to access certain technologies, and financial resources to support its nuclear agenda.

Similarly, Russia has experienced economic penalties from the US and its allies in reaction to its invasion of Ukraine and assistance provided to Syria.

Russia and Iran have kept up their efforts to improve their collaboration in several areas despite the difficulties caused by these sanctions.

The energy sector is a crucial area of cooperation. Russia has played a significant role in developing Iran’s oil and gas fields.

The infrastructural alliance between the two countries has also resulted in the construction of a railway route that travels through Azerbaijan and connects Iran with Russia.

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Beyond business, both countries have worked together to resolve regional concerns, particularly in Syria. They have supported the Syrian government in its war against various opposition organizations.

They also collaborated to resolve the conflict peacefully. The conversation between Putin and Raisi highlights the significance of the Russian Iranian relationship and the possibility of greater bilateral collaboration.