Moscow, 26 May 2022 (TDI): The Russian Foreign Ministry celebrated Africa Day on Wednesday with the Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and African Ambassadors in the capital city of Russia.

The Foreign Minister of Russia, Sergey Lavrov started his speech with the statement that peace, and prosperity, mark the 20th anniversary of the transformation of the organization of the African Union.

Russia played a key part in the decolonization of Africa, and it supports Africans in their quest for the continent’s complete emancipation from colonialism, said Lavrov.

Moreover, he added that this event marked the emergence of the pan-African multilateral structure to a qualitatively higher level of interaction in the political, social, economic, and other spheres over the past two decades.

Besides this, he stated that the African state has managed to achieve a lot through joint efforts and established mechanisms, and the collective responses to the local conflicts and crises consistently advancing regional integration processes in the various formats.

Africa and Russia

Africa enjoys growing prestige on the world stage and plays an increasingly important role in the international agenda.

Additionally, the Federation of Russia has always attached particular importance to the development of friendly relations with Africans.

In 2019, in Sochi, the Russian foreign ministry created good conditions for expanding fruitful cooperation both bilaterally and on multilateral bases

Apart from this, he stated that he is confident that acting together will ensure the development and implementation of many useful and promising projects and initiatives in the various fields, which will benefit the countries and their people.

Further, Lavrov added that it will be in the interest of the people, and strengthen the security and stability in Africa and throughout the world.

The foreign minister stated that he sincerely wish good health and success to the states of Africa and all fellow citizens of the world.

In addition, he added that there is no doubt that the level of the political and economic integration achieved within the framework of the African Union has no limit.

Lavrov said that he is sure that their friends will continue to move forward and achieve all goals set in the interest of ensuring the countries’ prosperity.

He added that the Russian Federation will continue to provide support to develop mutually beneficial cooperation between Russia and African relations.

The Western stance on Russia

Western countries to exert a deterrent influence on Russia’s interaction with Africa having in mind, further, he stated the conditions of the western leaders and the stance of western on the special military operation in Ukraine and added that the western world’s anti-Russian stance is clear.

Furthermore, he added that the polar model of the world order is being promoted, involving the division of all the rest who are obliged to obey the west.

In addition, he is sure that the African friends will not be pressurized by the west and will build up the economic and humanitarian cooperation and will work together.

He added that Russia is fulfilling its duty and continue to fulfill its obligation under the international contract in good faith, in term of export supplies of food, fertilizers, energy carriers, and other goods that Africa urgently needs.

He concluded by congratulating the African union and by being always there to support Africa.