Moscow, 22 August 2023 (TDI): On the eve of the 15th  BRICS Summit, the Foreign Minister of  Russia, Sergey Lavrov on August 21, shared his thoughts on the cooperation of BRICS states in his article for South Africa’s Ubuntu Magazine.

The Foreign Minister highlighted that today the trend of dominance practised by one or a few states is outdated. He added that the world is now experiencing the emergence of a more just multi-polar world.

He continued to say that new centres of economic growth and of global decision-making are emerging in Eurasia, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America that speak for their own national interests.

He asserted that the international community has had enough of the hegemonic pressure stressed by the collective West.

Therefore, Russia along with other countries are consistently reducing their dependence on the US dollar and switching to alternative payment systems and national currency settlements.

In light of that, he stated that Russia continues to pay an effort to develop inter-State relations based on the inclusive development of all the members of the international community.

He stated that Russia in its opinion finds its approach of inclusivity to resonate with Ubuntu’s philosophy of interconnectivity between nations and people.

Russia in the context of Africa has consistently stood for strengthening the position of the African continent in a multipolar world order and will continue to do so.

BRICS as symbol of multipolarity

In commenting on the multi-polarity emerging in the world, he emphasized that multilateral diplomacy does not stand aside from global trends. He called BRICS to be one such symbol of true multipolarity and honest inter-state communication.

Within the BRICS framework, a network is formed that stands ahead of the traditional North-South and West-East lines. It has managed to create a culture of dialogue based on equality, and respect for others’ developmental choices and interests.

He applauded that as per experts’ forecasts, in 2023 these five countries will account for about 31.5 percent of global GDP while the share of the G7 has fallen to 30 percent in this indicator.

Furthermore, he explicated the  successful fulfillment of strategies of BRICS including the implementation of the Strategy for the Economic Partnership 2025 .

He added that the BRICS Energy Research Cooperation Platform launched at the Russian initiative is operating successfully. Also, the Strategy on Food Security Cooperation has been adopted.

Moreover, the  BRICS Vaccine Research and Development Center designed to help develop effective responses to challenges to the epidemic well-being of BRICS countries has started its work.

Additionally, the Initiatives on Denial of Safe Haven to Corruption, on Trade and Investment for Sustainable Development, and on Enhancing Cooperation on Supply Chains have been approved.

Agenda of 15th BRICS Summit

The Foreign Minister also focused on the prioritized issues to be discussed at the Summit including strengthening the potential of the New Development Bank and  BRICS Contingent Reserve Arrangement.

It also includes improving payment mechanisms and increasing the role of national currencies in mutual settlements.

Moreover, he set forth that Russia is working consistently to develop the BRICS interaction with the countries representing the World Majority.

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He added that Russia supports South Africa’s approach of strengthening cooperation with African countries and is ready to contribute to economic growth on the continent.

This support is aimed to strengthen security in the African continent, including its food and energy components. He called the outcome of the Second Russia-Africa Summit held in St. Petersburg on 27-28 July 2023 to be a striking example in this regard.

He stated that BRICS is a positive force that can strengthen the solidarity of the Global South and Global East and is to become one of the pillars of a new and just polycentric world order. Due to that the five countries, stand to the request of expansion of its partnership.

Lastly, he appreciated the efforts of the South African Chairship in deepening BRICS dialogue with other countries.