Kazanlak, 7 June 2022 (TDI): Rose Festival 2022, begins in Kazanlak, Bulgaria with its traditional jubilation. Organised first in 1903, the event is celebrating Bulgaria’s deep affiliation to the Rosa Damascena- the Bulgarian oil-bearing rose.

The festival also appreciates the blessings of Rosa Damascena to the Rose Valley. Therefore dance, music, arts and sports are the hallmark of the Rose festival across Kazanlak and its periphery.

Rose Valley holds several tourist attractions such as the valley of Thracian Kings treasuring hundreds of tombs, shrines and riches.

Furthermore, nearby places like Shipka Monastery, Shipka monument, museum and communist monument offer additional historic attractions.

International Travel Advisory for the Rose festival is either land at Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, or Burgas depending on the country of departure or travel by road if coming from a neighbouring country.

The city of Kazanlak is located in the centre of Bulgaria, at a 200km distance both from the capital Sofia and Burgas. The festival week expects to greet more than 150,000 tourists emerging for the Rose festival from Bulgaria and abroad.

Local authorities, therefore, recommend early hotel booking for the festival as they fear running out of the reservations during the festival week in which case the tourists find accommodation in nearby small towns and villages.

Social media websites (booking.com) for hotel bookings are considered very convenient to avoid any last-minute surprises.

Tickets cost for the rose-picking rituals range from 5-10 euros depending on the location and dates. Tourists visit museums, rose-picking rituals, Kazanlak Thracian tomb and watch Festival Parade in lucrative packages.

What’s on the table?

Gastronomical delights for the Bulgarians come as fresh or dried peppers filled with ground meat (pork, beef, veal) rice and spices such as paprika and savoury.

Additionally, Kazanlak’s speciality also includes Gyulova Rakia – a liquorish alcoholic drink made from roses! The local Kazanlaks appreciate a bottle of Gyulova Rakia as a present.


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