Doha, 25 November 2021 (TDI): The meeting was held today between the Foreign Minister of Qatar, Sultan bin Saad Al Muraikhi, and the special representative of the European Union (EU) for the Horn of Africa, Annette Weber. They discussed the bilateral trade and cooperation between the two sides.

First and foremost, the influence of Europe in Qatar is outstanding, and the EU plays an informative role in maintaining peace in the Middle East. The EU and Qatar have an immense amount of cooperation on many issues as cooperation in defense, energy, and trade.

The extensive goals of Qatar and the European Union have dealt with the power qualities. The first ability is to create a balance of power in the Middle East. The second ability is to promote Qatar on international platforms, as the United Nations Security Council. Lastly, increase the military and defense partnerships with Qatar. Qatar has tremendous relations in terms of security and strategic goals with the EU. From a European perspective, Qatar has solid, long-standing security and safeguards associations with individual European nations. Furthermore, connections do not make an international influence.

Qatar and the EU: New prospects for the Middle East

According to Qatari officials, the correlation with the US is striking as Washington enjoys the upper hand over European capitals because of how it contributes to security. However, the EU and its Member States should adopt a pragmatic vision of the Middle East, taking into account the conflicts in the region. Consequently, the component of foreign policy should base its values on terms of partnership between Europe and Qatar.

In the meeting, the ministers of both sides discussed the partial relations by the improvements of countries attributes. These discussions strengthen Qatar’s ties with Europe while reinforcing its dynamic role in the Middle East. The authorities also recognize that the priorities of the region must be addressed under mutual cooperation. This, in accordance with the guidelines of international law.