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Qatar Red Crescent Society helps Syrian refugees


Doha, 13 October 2021 (TDI): Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) has recently offered a medical convoy to Reyhanli, Turkey, for Syrian refugees.

Qatar Red Crescent provides emergency medical care to all categories of society and with the highest quality. Its work is supervised by the Supreme Council of Health in Qatar. The institution offers a rapid response to any call requiring emergency medical assistance.

As part of the medical program, the organization is performing general and ENT surgeries for Syrian refugees since 2000. The QRCS provides direct medical support, relevant surgeries, examinations, and medications for the benefit of vulnerable populations. This institution is paying the cost of treatment in poor and affected countries.

Turkey is one of the countries with a significant Syrian population. The medical convoy supports the health programs of refugees, amid a higher demand on the health sector due to COVID-19.

The operations are performed by a group of highly experienced and specialized surgeons. In addition, it consists of two phases, which include the examination of patients in medical consultations and then, depending on the diagnosis, the performance of the necessary medical surgeries. In this case, they were performed over three days, with a fourth day for interviewing and diagnosis.

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