Baku, 23 December 2022 (TDI): Qantas flight from Singapore heading to London has made an emergency landing in Azerbaijan as a result of flight challenges.

The plane which is identified as Flight QF1, could not proceed to its destination when smoke from the cargo hold started coming out. The incident led to the landing of the flight at  Baku’s Heydar Aliyev international airport.

The Pilot said the flight has been in the air for about nine hours after it took off from Singapore before making the turn. It has been moving around Central Asia before the safe landing at Azerbaijan.

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The Spokesperson of Qantas indicated that initial investigation on the ground had yet to find evidence of smoke in the cargo hold. Emphasizing that all issues will be resolved proprietary.

Adding that, the initial observation shows that it is likely to be a sensor fault. Insisting that, engineers have been brought to the scene to ensure that everything is brought under control before they continue the journey.

A statement from the Baku airport, Azerbaijan showed that no injuries or damages were caused as a result of the landing, stating that, the plane had 356 passengers on board and some other cargo landed at 7:08 am local time.

They continued to say, this has been a major challenge for most of the flights down that lane. Indicating that, this was not the first time an A380 had made an emergency landing at the airport.

The passengers however expressed concern over the long travel they will be having considering the eminent of the Christmas festivity. They were worried about the time they will get home but at the same time happy about the safe landing that had.

The pilot expressed his sincere thanks to the authority of the airport for their assistance and for the safe landing that have had. They are set to move on as everything has been worked on.