Beijing, 10 March 2023 (TDI): On Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated the President of China, Xi Jinping on his re-election for a third term.

Putin acknowledged Jinping’s personal contribution to strengthening ties between the two countries and highlighted the deepening relations between Russia and China.

In his statement, Putin stated, “The development of the Russian-Chinese cooperation in various areas is certain with their continued joint work on critical regional and international issues.”

China-Russia Relations

The relationship between China and Russia has grown stronger in recent years. Putin and Jinping have stressed their “no-limits” partnership as a counterweight to the United States’ dominance.

Both have been forging closer ties, particularly in the economic and military domains. They have engaged in joint military exercises, and Russia has provided natural gas to China.

Jinping has also supported Putin’s call for a greater role for emerging economies in global governance. Moreover, Putin added, “I am certain that working together, we will ensure the development of fruitful Russian-Chinese cooperation in all sorts of different areas.

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We will continue to coordinate joint work on the most important regional and international issues.” Above all, the congratulatory statement from Putin highlights the growing partnership between the two nations and their continued cooperation.