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Prime Minister of Qatar stresses to restore peace in Gaza


Doha, 2 February 2024 (TDI): The Prime Minister of Qatar also the foreign minister discussed the role of Qatar as a mediator in alleviating the suffering and restoring peace in Gaza. During an interview with the National Public Radio (NPR) he stressed the significance of bringing peace in Gaza.

The prime minister also warned that a constant unrest in the Gaza strip can give birth to regional instability. He further stated that more attention should be gravitated towards or ending the war and bringing in better development opportunities for the Palestinian people.

Moreover, he stated that this deal would bring 136 hostages that were taken by Hamas at 7th October from Israel. He further said that Qatar aims to alleviate the number of people being killed by the drone attacks in the region.

In addition, Qatar maintains friendly ties with the USA which also supports Israel. It also backs Iran and Hamas. Sometimes, Qatar also holds negotiations with Hamas at the behest of the USA.

Qatar’s Mediation Role

Previously Qatar has fulfilled its role as a mediator in tough times. It also aided a hostage exchange deal between Iran and the USA. Additionally, it also arranged a deal with the Taliban and brokered a deal with Russia to return the kidnapped Ukrainian children.

On the contrary, the prime minister of Qatar reflected an uncertainty about if a successful deal will be reached between Hamas and Israel. He also stated that the pace and results of the deal are dependent upon the involved parties.

Before, a framework of the deal has been prepared by the mediation of Qatar incorporating the demands of Israel. It has now been presented to Hamas and Qatar now awaits the decision.

However, the prime minister of Qatar mentioned that Qatar had suggested an agreement that incorporates the demands of both Israel and Hamas leaving both parties satisfied.


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