Prime Minister Imran Khan interview with BBC World

Prime Minister Imran khan(left) in conversation with John Simpson (Right) of BBC World

Islamabad, 22 September 2021 (TDI): Prime Minister Imran Khan gave an interview to BBC World on Tuesday. The discussion boiled down to the crisis in Afghanistan. Speaking to John Simpson, World Affairs Editor at BBC, the Prime Minister stressed that Afghan leaders should form an inclusive government.

Failure to do so will result in chaos and turmoil. It will also increase the prospects of a civil war. He further added that an unstable Afghanistan would lead to a humanitarian crisis. It would be an ideal place for terrorists’ organizations to thrive.

Sharing his remarks on the question of women rights, the Prime Minister said that Afghan leadership have given positive remarks regarding women rights. He further said that Afghan women are very strong and will assert their rights.

Referring to the question of recognition of Taliban government, the Prime Minister laid down three conditions. These include: formation of inclusive government, assurance that Afghan soil would not be used to instigate terrorism and protection of human rights. Moreover, he said that any decision regarding recognition would be taken in consultation with the neighboring countries.

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