Moscow, 27 December 2022 (TDI): The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin has applauded the Commonwealth Independent States (CIS) for the successful development in trade for the 2022 year.

The tweet from the President of Russia indicated that the CIS states have made significant progress this year, reviewing the growth rate of the organization, he stated that, between January and October.

Trade among CIS nations has grown by 6.6% to $81.5 billion. He again added that they are expecting higher figures and improvements before the end of the year, saying they are likely to reach $100 billion.

The CIS states have continued to work together in a team in moving the region forward. Russia as one of the leading members of the organization has consistently kept records of its progress and with yearly updates, they believe to have been moving in the right direction.

He went on to say that peaceful leaving and cultural exchanges have been the major aim of the organization. Members of the CIS have reached out to each other in solving any challenges before them.

The Russian crisis has been one of the major challenges which are currently facing the organization but they are determined to move forward.

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Projections show that, due to the global pandemic in the last two years, the organization faced challenges economically. The aims set up by then were not able to be accomplished due to the various challenges the Pandemic brought.

Factors of geopolitical relations have also been a major issue of concern for the organization. Even though they seek to promote resilient bilateral relations in these regions, they have also been involved in talks to promote unity among each other.

Commonwealth Independent States (CIS)

The Commonwealth Independent States (CIS) was founded in 1991 after the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

They often hold meetings to discuss issues of great importance and seek economic advice from each other. The organization has various bodies which run work hard to ensure its progress.