Islamabad, 30 April 2022 (TDI): the President of Pakistan, Dr. Arif Alvi, visited the Chinese Embassy to express his sympathy to the Chinese people and government.

The President conveyed his profound condolences for the loss of precious lives of Chinese nationals in the terrorist incident in Karachi earlier this week.

The President told the Charge d’Affaires, Pang Chunxue, and officers from the Chinese Embassy that the entire country was in sadness and shock over the tragedy. He also expressed grief at the incident on behalf of the nation.

Reaffirming Pakistan’s determination, the President said that Pakistan would spare no effort to ensure the safety of the Chinese nationals. He also promised to bring the perpetrators of this horrific crime to justice.

Condemnation of the attack: 

The President condemned the attack. He shared that he believed the forces behind the attack were some hostile countries. He believed their purpose was to harm the Pak-China friendship and the CPEC.

The President iterated that the plans of these countries would fail. He believed so because China and Pakistan share a deep friendship. They are also firmly committed to strengthening the all-weather friendship further.

He requested that the Charge d’Affaires express his profound condolences to the Chinese people, the Communist Party, and President Xi Jinping.

Remarks of the Charge d’Affaires:

The Charge d’Affaires expressed gratitude to the President for his visit to the Embassy and the expression of solidarity with the Chinese people and government.

She stated that the two countries have a common destiny and a strong tradition of friendship and collaboration. She denounced the violence and hoped that the perpetrator would be identified and punished soon.

Afterward, the President also penned his remarks in the Embassy’s Visitor’s Book.

Pakistan China
The President wrote his remarks in the Visitor’s Book of the Embassy

Earlier on Tuesday, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Shehbaz Sharif, also visited the Chinese Embassy and expressed solidarity with the Chinese people.


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