Islamabad, 29 August 2022 (TDI): President of Pakistan, Arif Alvi, received the credentials of the Ambassador-designate of Belgium, Charles Delogne. The credentials were received by the President at the Presentation of Credentials Ceremony held at the Presidential Palace in Islamabad.

Highlights from the Credentials Ceremony

Accepting the letter of the credential of the Belgian Ambassador, the President highlighted the importance of bilateral trade between Belgium and Pakistan.

He stressed that the two countries need to substantially increase the volume of bilateral trade. Additionally, the President highlighted the existing Belgium-Pakistan trade volume as US$ 1.35 billion.

However, he added that bilateral trade opportunities need to be explored. This includes increasing the pace of exchanges of business delegations, participating in trade fairs, and launching joint ventures as well as forging meaningful cooperation in agriculture, port handling and dredging, and science and technology.

Belgium-Pakistan ties

Belgium and Pakistan maintain close bilateral relations. The two countries also enjoy strong trade ties, and the existing Belgium-Pakistan trade volume is a testament to this fact. Additionally, Belgium is the sixth-largest European importer of Pakistani goods.

Belgium has also been one of the countries which have assisted Pakistan in humanitarian relief. The country provided €4.6 million to Pakistan during the floods of 2010. Recently, Belgium has also offered Pakistan emergency relief via Belgian First Aid and Support Team or B-Fast.

Moreover, Pakistan also maintains favorable relations with organizations based in Brussels. This includes the European Union and NATO. Subsequently, Pakistan enjoys strong ties with many European states.

Belgium and Pakistan also enjoy strong diplomatic relations. A number of high-level visits between the diplomatic leaders and presidents have taken place between the two countries.