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President of Ceuta Aspires for Good Relations with Morocco


Rabat, 4 September 2021(TDI): Mayor-President of the Government of the Spanish autonomous city of Ceuta, Juan Jesus Vivas, mentioned the importance of relations with Morocco as a key area of the city’s advancement.

During his speech, President Vivas noticed that it is essential to build up great neighborly relations with Morocco based on mutual beneficial respect and to normalize these relations in order to achieve Ceuta’s comprehensive Geo-strategic and state-wide integration. Maintaining domestic solidarity, improving public transportation control to and from Morocco, balancing public services with the rest of Spain, consolidating its integration into the European Union, and having good neighborliness with the Alawi dynasty are all critical, according to Vivas.

The Morocco-Ceuta border, which connects North Africa and Europe, is a strategic infrastructure for Spain in particular and Europe in general.

The two kingdoms Spain and Morocco have been at odds since the beginning of the summer, which started with Polisario leader Brahim Ghal’s inpatient treatment in Spain and ultimately ended in the migration crisis that erupted in Ceuta in May.

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