Paris/Beijing, 11 May 2022 (TDI): French President, Emmanuel Macron and Chinese President, Xi Jinping spoke on the phone and discussed on France-China relations and the tragic situation experienced by the people of Ukraine resulting from Russian aggression.

President Macron stated that together with President Jinping, they share the goals of a ceasefire and respect for Ukraine’s territorial sovereignty.

Furthermore, Macron expressed that both countries have the desire to continue to deepen and re-balance their partnership. Macron said they will combine efforts and go forward with projects related to aviation and civil nuclear power.

More to this, Macron highlighted on Ukraine causing the global food crisis, and that France’s response through FARM must succeed. Consequently, he presented to Jinping and maintained that there will be continuity in building support widely.

President Jinping emphasized identifying, through bilateral dialogue mechanisms, cooperation priorities in five years to come.

Moreover, Jinping called on France and China to level up cooperation in areas such as artificial intelligence and clean energy, whilst stepping up cooperation in traditional areas like civilian nuclear energy, aviation, and aerospace.

Xi Jinping appreciated France’s commitment to strategic autonomy and looks forward to France encouraging the EU to have the right perception of China.

Consequently, it will help China and the EU to work in the same direction through managing differences properly and converging interests for closer cooperation in various areas.

France and China relations

Most importantly, for the past five years, both France and China have maintained productive cooperation. It has helped in guiding the two countries to sustain the positive momentum of their bilateral ties.

They have conducted fruitful cooperation and fulfilled the responsibilities of the two countries on climate change, biodiversity, and other issues. France and China are two permanent members of the UN Security Council and are independent major countries.

In conclusion, China is focused on keeping up close exchanges at all levels with France. Thereby, it will promote their relations to grow and maintain peace and stability in the world.

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