Washington DC, 11 May 2022 (TDI): Samantha Power, USAID Administrator, spoke with Maryna Lazebna, Ukraine’s Minister of Social Policy, over the phone. They talked about the pressing needs of the people of Ukraine as a result of Russia’s brutal invasion.

The discussion centered on USAID’s sustained assistance to the Ukrainian government’s digitalization efforts. Since 2020, USAID has been funding the development of the Diia digital platform and other digital services.

These services have aided both local and national government agencies. During the conflict, this effectively served the Ukrainians.

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Direct financial assistance is one of the services provided.

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The Diia digital platform helps Ukraine’s technology industry thrive.

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It provides free international expert consultations. An innovative form of educational “serials” was adopted for the learning process.

Instead of lessons, series, grades, and seasons, people use this method. Expert educators and notable Ukrainians have been invited to the Diia digital initiative. This keeps the conversation going among Ukrainians.

It also includes help for internally displaced persons, property registration, and other important services. Administrator Power emphasized that the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) will continue to support the Ministry of Digital Transformation.

As needs change, the support will concentrate on developing new eServices. She also stated that the demand for social services will continue to rise in the coming months. This will involve providing shelter and work for the millions of Ukrainians who have been internally displaced.

Those who returned to the country after leaving at the start of the conflict will be included. She pledged to plan for these changing demands in collaboration with Ukraine and the international community.

Maryna Lazebna, Ukraine’s Minister of Social Policy, committed to developing measures to better coordinate the distribution of humanitarian cash assistance to Ukrainians. The Ukrainian government and humanitarian organizations working in the nation will be involved.