Paris, 17 May 2022 (TDI): President of France, Emmanuel Macron appointed Elisabeth Borne as the new French Prime Minister on Monday ahead of parliamentary elections.

Borne is the first woman to be the Prime Minister in over 30 years. Jean Castex’s resignation paved the way for Borne’s appointment as Prime Minister of France.

The French Presidency’s announcement of Borne’s appointment as the new French Prime Minister came shortly after Castex’s resignation. More to this, the move was expected widely after President Macron’s recent re-election last month.

In addition to this, the reshuffle is expected to open the way for a new government following the re-election. According to the Élysée Palace, Borne is currently charged with forming a government.

Therefore, the President and the new Prime Minister will hold talks to do so. Previously, the President of France had indicated about wanting to appoint a woman and also a person with green credentials that relate to his promised priority on the climate crisis.

During a brief inaugural address, Borne stated that France needs to act faster as well as stronger in fighting climate change. Furthermore, she made a pledge to work further in protecting the purchasing power of the French.

In relation to this, it results from the first voter concern according to polls. In addition, Borne already held numerous positions, that is, as Transport Minister, Minister for Ecological Transition, and Labor Minister.

Despite the first female French Prime Minister Cresson lasting less than a year under President Mitterrand, Borne is seeking to make an impact that is greater.

In conclusion, Borne made a dedication to all little girls in her inauguration speech in the courtyard of the Prime Minister’s official residence in Paris.

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