Russian President Vladimir Putin and the President of Azerbaijan Aliyev

Sochi, 1 December 2021 (TDI): The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, received the President of Azerbaijan at the Bocharov Ruchei residence in Sochi. The meeting between the two Mandataries was on 26 November.


The Russian President welcomed the Azerbaijani and expressed his content regarding his presence. Putin then added the fact that both countries will celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the establishment of their diplomatic relations.

The Russian Mandatary then added that the Russia-Azerbaijan strategic partnership is developing successfully. Putin then mentioned that even though the COVID-19 had a negative impact, and the economic restrictions; their trade turnover increased 11% during the first 9 months of 2021.

The Russian President also mentioned that 900 Russian companies operate in Azerbaijan, and have invested 4.5 billion in their economy. He then added that Russia is one of Azerbaijan’s leading economic and trade partners.

Putin also remarked on cultural matters. He first thanked his Azerbaijani counterpart for the attention given to developing and supporting the Russian language. According to the Russian President, as he remarked that Azerbaijan currently has 340 schools with Russian-language education.

President of Azerbaijan and Russian President during their meeting
President of Azerbaijan and Russian President during their meeting

Putin then added that a total of 34% of Azerbaijani students study in Russian or learn it in other ways. The President remarked that this percentage is a good indicator of the efforts of the Azerbaijan government, and the citizens to maintain close relations. The meeting was before the trilateral format meeting with the President of Armenia.


The President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, thanked his Russian counterpart for the invitation. Aliyev expressed how pleased he was with the active dialogue in 2021, and with the development of their bilateral relations. Before of anything, Aliyev expressed to Putin his condolences for the tragedy at the coal mine in the region of Kemerovo.

The Azerbaijani Mandatary also mentioned that both have resolved many issues in a bilateral format. He then reaffirmed the intentions of Azerbaijan to raise the level of their bilateral relations in all possible directions.

Aliyev also mentioned that there are mutual interests in economic cooperation and business cooperation. He then expressed the content of the country with the extent of their relations and mentioned the seven roadmaps that both have.

Aliyev then thanked his Russian counterpart for his acknowledgment of Azerbaijan’s efforts to promote and preserve the Russian language. He also thanked Putin for the conditions that Russia has created for Azerbaijani students in their territory. According to Aliyev, more than 15,000 Azerbaijanis are enrolled in Russian Universities.

Aliyev stated that the citizens receive a good education in Russia, and it turns to be a bridge between their countries. The President then remarked that he received the Russian Deputy Prime Minister and that a day before he had a meeting with the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences.


Aliyev also mentioned that the Russian special envoy for humanitarian cooperation has been in Baku, to help settle the Azerbaijani, Armenian intellectuals. They held a business conference at the Russian Export Center and “Roseksimbank”, during that week.

Aliyev also noted thanked the Russian peacekeeping contingent for their operations to ensure éace, in November 2020. Aliyev then expressed that he desires that the work with the Russian peacekeeping contingent, to achieve further results.