Los Angeles, 10 June 2022 (TDI): The President of Argentina, Alberto Fernandez, spoke at the 9th Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles, USA.

During his speech, he regretted the fact that the Summit excluded representation of several important American countries.

The President of Argentina addressed the summit also as the Pro-Tempore President of the Community of Latin American and the Caribbean States.

President’s Speech

He regretted “that not all of us who should have been present in this environment so conducive to the debate have been present.”

“The silence of those who are absent challenges us”, he said.

He also criticized the global order “the core world has set evidently inequitable financial rules”. Likewise, he said that “the inequities to which the global order subjects our region hurt us.”

He referred to the blockade and exclusion of Cuba that has continued from the Cold War period. “It’s time for a true Common Strategic Partnership,” he proclaimed.

In addition, addressing Joe Biden, he said that the previous US administration set harmful policies toward the region. The Argentine President implored Joe Biden to “open up in a fraternal manner in pursuit of common interests.”

He insisted that “a single thought cannot be imposed in a world that demands symphonic harmony in the face of the existing dramas.”

He expressed his wish to attend another Summit of the Americas. A summit where no one is excluded from multilateral processes.

Moreover, the Argentine Foreign Minister, Santiago Cafiero also took part in the Summit’s meeting of Foreign Ministers.

He proclaimed during his talk that the OAS, as an institution charged with promoting dialogue, must not legitimize destabilization processes in the region.

Argentine officials used the forum to express the interests of Latin American and Caribbean countries.

Summit of the Americas

The OAS established the Summit of the Americas in 1994. It is a forum for American countries to discuss and work together on regional issues.

Presently, the US is hosting the 9th Summit of the Americas for the week of June 6-10 in Los Angeles.

The main theme of the Summit is “Building a Sustainable, Resilient, and Equitable Future” for the American hemisphere.

This Summit marks the first time the US has hosted the event after the inaugural assembly in Miami in 1994.

Ministers, heads of governments and states, and other high-level officials from all across the hemisphere are taking part.

Argentina, along with several other Caribbean and Latin American countries, denounced the US decision to not invite Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua.

Mexican President decided not to attend the summit, sending Mexico’s Foreign Minister instead. Moreover, Antigua and Barbuda also did not send any representatives to protest the exclusion of fellow Caribbean country Cuba.

Argentina currently holds the Pro-Tempore Presidency of CELAC, the regional organization of Latin American and Caribbean countries. It has played a role in promoting multilateralism and multi-polarity in the Americas.

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