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President Erdogan unveils post-quake reconstruction plans


Kahramanmaraş, 7 February 2024 (TDI): In a presidential address at the Key Handover Ceremony of Post-Quake Houses in Kahramanmaraş, Recep Tayyip Erdogan revealed post-quake reconstruction and infrastructure development plans in Turkiye.

While acknowledging the resilience and solidarity of Turkey and its citizens in the face of natural disasters, he outlined a comprehensive approach, blending housing, employment, and strategic industrial initiatives to cater to the challenges of the future.

President Erdogan expressed gratitude that one year after the earthquake, Turkey has made significant strides in reconstruction, with debris removed and communities rebuilding their lives.

Referring to the remarkable solidarity of his fellow citizens, he mentioned that few countries and societies could stand as strong as Türkiye in the face of such a disaster.

Moreover, he highlighted that even “the most developed states” have proved to be desperate in the face of such disasters.

President of Turkey described it as “the disaster of the century.” He emphasized that the recovery efforts in the earthquake zone go beyond mere construction.

He stated, “We are not just constructing houses, streets, or squares. We are building the infrastructure of the future, encompassing production, employment, and exportation.”

Ambitious reconstruction projects

The President announced a comprehensive housing and employment project. This project is aimed at intensifying defence industry investments and the country’s locomotive sector in the quake-hit cities.

President Erdoğan outlined the plans for developing industrial zones in Hatay, Kırıkhan. These plans will receive support from the Directorate of Defense Industry.

Additionally, a carbon fibre facility in Gaziantep, backed by TUSAŞ, is set to bolster Turkey’s defence capabilities.

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Erdogan announced that a big facility aimed at the production of aerospace structural materials is already under development in Kahramanmara.

He declared, “We will produce many aviation parts here from now on,” highlighting the strategic importance of the new facility. This includes those of our unmanned aerial vehicle Anka.”

Lastly, he underlined that Kharasmaras would soon become Turkey’s second defence, aviation and space industry hub after Ankara.

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