Quito, 19 February 2022 (TDI): Foreign Minister of the Republic of Ecuador Juan Carlos Holguín has announced that Ecuador is ready to reopen its border with the Republic of Peru.

Since both nations are neighbors, they share common borders. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, both states closed their borders to deal with its outbreak. Ecuador and Peru will reopen the borders of the Huaquillas-Aguas Verdes pass specifically. Through this, a possible recovery and reactivation of their countries economies.

However, the Biosecurity protocols would be applied at borders to control the spread of coronavirus that is still present. The nations appear eager to reopen their borders and boost bilateral economic ties.

Previous meeting on Ecuador and Peru on cooperation

Before this outcome, on 12 of this month, the Vice Foreign Minister of Ecuador César Montaño met with his Peruvian counterpart Luis Enrique Chávez Basagoitia. Both vice Foreign Ministers met at Lima, the capital of Peru discussed their bilateral cooperation, which also included border issues.

Both Ministers agreed in Lima on the progressive reopening of the common border in the coming days. In the meeting, they conditioned the opening of the border on resolving internal issues. This meeting led to the potential reopening of Borders between the states.

Furthermore, both representatives are hopeful to reactivate the bilateral economic relations. In addition, both states want to strengthen their border trade.

Last but not least, they both agreed to cooperate on other mutual interests issues. Indeed, they agreed to work against the pollution of the transboundary rivers and basins, especially the Pugayno Tumbes River, and illegal mining.

Ecuador and Peru Relationship

Ecuador and Peru are neighboring countries of South America. Both states share close political, economic, and cultural ties. Moreover, they are members of similar international organizations.

For instance: the United Nations, the Organization of Ibero-American States, the Community of Latin American and the Caribbean States, and the Organization of American States.

Finally, the historical, political, and humanitarian relations between the two are favorable for their cooperation.