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Patricia Espinosa on the Africa’s Climate Week 2021


New York, 1 October 2021 (TDI): Africa Climate Week 2021 wrapped up this week with Virtual Thematic Sessions; it helped to set the scene for regional action, and tackle climate change for the UN Climate Change Conference.

UNFCCC ACW's photo, Espinosa was involved in the ACW
UNFCCC ACW’s photo, Espinosa was involved in the ACW

According to the United Nations Climate Change, more than 1600 participants joined. The Government of Uganda was host, and governments of all levels were part. The event also had presence of private sector leaders, and academic experts. The next two months will be critical for the success of climate change efforts in Africa and the world; stated the UNFCCC Executive Secretary, Patricia Espinosa.

Espinosa, the UNFCCC Executive Secretary, was also a former Foreign Affairs Chancellor for Mexico; also stressed the fact that the input of participants was vital for that success; and that their ideas were necessary to drive what must be a transformative decade and century.

The Minister of State for Environment for Uganda; Beatrice Anywar; stated that we have no option but to implement drastic actions. Anywar mentioned then that she had no doubt that the participants, were witnesses of the commitment.

According to the UNFCCC; during the ACW, the organizers led three days of discussions, to mount an effective response to climate change. First; the World Bank examined the economy. Second; the UN Development Program; explored the way climate risks and solutions, are reshaping different sectors.

Third; the UN Environment Programme then reimagined the future and looked at technologies, and financing to take us there. According to the UNFCCC; during the ACW, 190 speakers were featured in 146 virtual sessions. Those 146 sessions were presented in collaboration with dozens of global and regional organizations.


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