Ascunción, 22 August 2023 (TDI): The Paraguayan National Chancellor Ramirez Lezcano in his statement on August 21, revealed that the Paraguayan government is actively searching for different methods to reach an agreement with the European Union.

The agreement regarding financial agreement is “For the support program for the transformation of the educational system in Paraguay.”

Lezcano confirmed that the proposed approach involves making amendments to the agreement by adding an addendum to it.

This additional addendum would be in line with the Paraguayan legal framework. While also respecting the Paraguayan cultural identity and core values.

The Paraguayan Chancellor held an important meeting with the senators, Vice President Pedro Alliana, and the Education Minister of Paraguay.

The objective of the meeting was to attentively listen to, understand and resolve the concerns revolving around the educational agreement with the EU, chancellor Lezcano stated.

Moreover, Lezcano acknowledged the senator’s concerns and suggestions regarding the agreement and also their commitment to resolving all the matters for the protection of Paraguay’s interests.

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The commitment is to binding the agreement with Paraguay’s constitution, and laws and also the preservation of Paraguay’s culture and values when dealing with the EU.

Lezcano clarified that it is significant to find a workable and beneficial agreement for Paraguay. He also added that the country cannot go against international treaties or agreements nor can it jeopardize the education of its citizens.

Furthermore, Lezcano stated that education was the commitment of the government during its campaign period and it still is a priority of the government.

Lastly, he highlighted the importance of dialogue with the senators to collect their concerns and suggestions as they are the representatives of the citizens. Their concerns will be incorporated into a diplomatic agreement that is currently ongoing.

Once the agreement is finalized and signed, it will be sent to the legislative branch for approval.