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Palestinian Statehood in light of Resolution 273 and US veto


Islamabad, 12 May 2024 (TDI): The Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of the State of Palestine, Nader Alturk explained full membership and statehood of Palestine in the light of Resolution 273 and US veto.

On Friday 10 May 2024, a sweeping vote was held in the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on a resolution affirming the right of the State of Palestine to obtain full membership.

The Deputy Head explained that although 12 member states in the Security Council (SC) agreed to grant the State of Palestine full membership, the United States of America once again used its veto.

The aim of which, in favor of the Israeli occupation on April 17, 2024, was to prevent the State of Palestine from obtaining full membership in the United Nations.

It is believed that as long as the US, whose presidents and leaders brag about being Zionists, remains a permanent member of SC, the State of Palestine will not obtain full membership.

Diplomatic and Media campaign to delegitimize Israel

The Deputy Head reiterated that the only way to stop Israel is a diplomatic and media campaign to delegitimize her.

This campaign, he explained, must be focusing on Israeli’s permanent and ongoing violation of international law, genocide, crimes against humanity, and ethnic cleansing in the Gaza Strip.

Despite, Israel being established by United Nations Resolution 181 of 1947; it has disregarded and shown non-compliance with internationally recognized legitimate resolutions.

The Deputy Head believes that the aforementioned campaign should necessarily include a broad focus on United Nations Resolution No. 273.

United Nations Resolution 273

According to the UN Resolution 273, Israel obtained full conditional membership in the United Nations.

This conditional membership was based on the implementation of UN Resolutions 181 and 194.

These resolutions addressed the division of the historic land of Palestine into two states, the return of Palestinian refugees to their cities and villages, compensation for their suffering and use of property.

Therefore, the Deputy Head believes that Israel has failed to fulfil the conditions for its membership in the United Nations.

Primarily, “it requires immediate expulsion of Israel from the United Nations before demanding full Palestinian State membership”, he reiterated.

Returning Palestinian issue to UN

The Deputy Head emphasized “returning the Palestinian issue to its roots by returning it to the United Nations to fully implement Resolutions 181D and 194.”

“Because there cannot be a negotiated solution to the Palestinian issue with an American vision that may not go beyond what Donald Trump offered in the Deal of the Century,” he criticized.

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It “makes any negotiations, whatever they are, absurd and a waste of the time that the Israelis will invest in stealing more Palestinian land, building settlements, Judaizing Jerusalem, normalization with Arab and Islamic countries…etc.,” he further suggested.

US support to Israel

The Deputy Head highlighted that “the war will not end as long as the support of Western countries, especially the United States of America, continues blindly and unlimitedly.”

Furthermore, he narrated that the latest US Congress’ approval of aid to Israelis is worth $26 billion, including $17 billion in military support, whereby more bombs and weapons will be provided to kill more Palestinian civilians.

Indeed, “what is required is to stop supplying weapons to the Israelis and declare Netanyahu, his government, and the leaders of his army as war criminals who must be arrested and tried, just as Nazi leaders were arrested and tried after World War II for their crimes against the Jews and against other ethnic groups in Europe,” he advocated.

Security Council Resolution 2334

Conclusively, “this requires diligent and serious work to implement Security Council Resolution 2334 of 2016 regarding the illegality of confiscating Palestinian lands and building settlements, and implementing Resolution 67/19 of 2012 and all United Nations resolutions related to Palestine,” he recommended.


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