Gaza, 19 October 2023 (TDI): Nader Al-Turk, the Deputy Head of Palestine in Pakistan, has provided a powerful perspective on the ongoing conflict between Palestine and Israel, shedding light on the dire consequences of the recent war.

His statements draw attention to the suffering faced by Palestinian civilians, with a particular focus on the vulnerable, such as children and women, living in the Gaza Strip.

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In his impassioned address, Al-Turk underscored the gravity of the situation by pointing out a recent Israeli bombardment that struck the Baptist hospital in Gaza City.

This attack resulted in the tragic loss of life and injuries to more than 500 Palestinians, including children, women, the elderly, doctors, and medical staff.

He raised a critical question – is the hospital a legitimate Israeli target for self-defense, as some nations have argued in support of Israel?

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Al-Turk also drew attention to the stance of certain countries, including the United States (US), Germany, Britain, and France, who have expressed support for Israel’s actions, framing them as a legitimate right to self-defense.

He juxtaposed this with international response and condemnation of North Korea’s actions, urging them to engage in diplomatic dialogue rather than threats.

This stark contrast highlights the need for consistency and a comprehensive approach to addressing global conflicts.

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Furthermore, Al-Turk questioned the disparity in international responses when it comes to actions taken by Israel.

He pointed out that the launching of a Korean space missile is considered a violation of international law due to the use of ballistic missile technology, while Israeli missile strikes on innocent Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip, including the bombing and demolition of homes and hospitals, have not received the same level of scrutiny.

This raises a significant ethical and legal dilemma, questioning whether the actions of the Israeli government are truly in line with the principles of self-defense and international law.

The Palestinian official also brought attention to the long-standing issues of the Israeli occupation, land theft, and the establishment of Israeli settlements, which have drawn criticism from the international community.

He highlighted the American veto power that has often shielded Israel from accountability, raising concerns about the consistent application of international law and the mission of the United Nations.

Al-Turk’s passionate plea resonates with the global community, emphasizing the need for consistent standards and the preservation of Palestinian lives.

Thus, the ongoing suffering in Gaza demands a comprehensive and just resolution that adheres to international law, ensuring the rights and safety of all civilians involved in the conflict.