Gaza, 17 October 2023 (TDI): Nader Al-Turk, the Deputy Head of Palestine in Pakistan, has provided a stark portrayal of the ongoing conflict between Palestine and Israel, emphasizing the dire consequences of the recent war.

His statements shed light on the distressing conditions faced by Palestinian civilians, particularly children and women, in the Gaza Strip.

Here’s a comprehensive summary of his remarks and the urgent plea for a resolution to this humanitarian crisis:

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Nader Al-Turk, Deputy Head of Palestine in Pakistan, has decried the atrocities inflicted upon Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip since October 7, 2023.

The population of 2.2 million, consisting largely of children and women, has endured what Al-Turk describes as genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and mass punishment.

The methods employed by the occupying forces include cutting off essential services such as electricity, water, food, medical supplies, fuel, and gas, thereby depriving Palestinians of their most basic living standards.

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Alarming reports suggest a sinister agenda, with some media outlets hinting at an evacuation plan of Gaza Strip residents to Egypt, potentially preceding the deployment of tactical nuclear bombs (“Gadam bombs”) to obliterate Gaza forever.

This raises the specter of Palestinian refugees facing displacement for the second time since the events of 1948, leaving them without the prospect of return.

In response to these harrowing conditions, Al-Turk appeals for an end to double standards and the cessation of support for the occupation’s crimes against humanity.

He advocates for an end to aggression, the dismantling of the occupation, the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, and the facilitation of the return of Palestinian refugees, in accordance with UN Resolution 194.

These measures, he argues, would break the impasse and offer hope to the youth of Palestine and the region that the peace process can indeed deliver justice, equality, freedom, and stability for all.

Al-Turk underscores the importance of adhering to international law, international humanitarian law, and human rights principles.

He urges Islamic and Arab nations and global advocates of human rights, peace, and justice to work together wisely to put an end to the ongoing tragedy.

He believes that these measures are the only way to break the cycle of violence and bloodshed and pave the way for a just and inclusive peace.

He concludes with a heartfelt plea for the protection of the homeland, its people, and all of humanity.

In a time of severe crisis, Nader Al-Turk’s words highlight the urgency of the situation in the Gaza Strip and the need for immediate international action to address this devastating humanitarian crisis.