Tehran, 16 October 2023 (TDI): In a recent phone call, Iranian Foreign Minister Amir-Abdollahian and his Chinese counterpart, Wang Yi, engaged in a critical conversation about the dire situation in Gaza.

Amir-Abdollahian emphasized the urgent need to halt the relentless attacks and heinous crimes committed by the Zionist regime against the innocent people of Gaza, with a primary focus on women, children, and civilians.

He pointed to the significant loss of life and injuries caused by the bombardment of homes, residential buildings, and even medical facilities, along with allegations of the use of banned weapons like phosphorous bombs.

The Iranian Foreign Minister also underscored the inhumane siege, which has led to the cutting off of essential resources like water, electricity, and fuel in Gaza.

He condemned these actions as severe violations of international humanitarian law and egregious instances of mass killing.

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Amir-Abdollahian discussed his ongoing regional tour, highlighting the alarming and precarious nature of the situation.

He expressed deep concerns about the potential for the situation to escalate further at any moment, emphasizing that the region is in a highly dangerous state.

He stressed that the responsibility to avert a wider conflict lies with the international community.

He warned that if the Zionist regime fails to cease its crimes and attacks on the people of Gaza, there is no guarantee that the conflict will not spread throughout the region.

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Amir-Abdollahian called upon the United Nations Security Council to fulfill its role and responsibility in maintaining international peace and security and urged China to use its diplomatic capacities to stop the attacks on Gaza.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi voiced his concern regarding the critical situation in Gaza and called on the international community to take a firm stand against attacks on civilians.

He emphasized the necessity for the United Nations Security Council to play its inherent role in addressing this issue.

Wang also highlighted the unacceptability of the collective punishment of the people of Gaza and stressed the need to establish a humanitarian corridor to alleviate their suffering.

The phone call between the Foreign Ministers of Iran and China reflects their shared concern for the situation in Gaza and their commitment to finding a solution to this humanitarian crisis.

The focus on international responsibility and the importance of the United Nations Security Council’s role highlights the urgency of addressing the ongoing conflict in Gaza to restore peace and security to the region.

The conversation underscores the collaborative efforts of Iran and China in addressing pressing global issues.