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Palestinian Embassy in Pakistan decries disinformation


Islamabad, 16 April 2024 (TDI): The Embassy of the State of Palestine in Pakistan has decried disinformation spreading through social media regarding the adoption of Palestinian orphans.

The Embassy, earlier in the Pakistani capital today, has announced the official position of the State of Palestine.

“After what was published on social media in the past few days, regarding the adoption of 3000 Palestinian orphans, is fake news/ disinformation and illegal in nature,” it stated.

“Our Embassy condemns this act. And, confirms that the policy of the State of Palestine stipulates sponsoring Palestinian orphans, only, within the territory of the State of Palestine and not outside it,” it further clarified.

“We confirm that there are no Palestinian orphans that have arrived in Pakistan.”

Fake donation campaigns

“We would also like to draw your attention to fake news and allegations, regarding repeated circulation of appeals for donations,” the Embassy alarmed.

It proclaimed that these appeals require donations “in specific bank accounts” to collect them “for the Palestinian people in the light of the genocide, criminal war, and resultant destruction in the Gaza Strip.”

“Accordingly, we appeal to our fellow Pakistani people to contact our Embassy regarding this issue before making any donations, sponsoring orphans, or helping hidden families so we can direct you to the official, accredited, and reliable authorities,” it cautioned.

Nevertheless, “the Embassy of the State of Palestine reserves all its legal rights regarding those issues.”

Furthermore, “in cooperation with the Pakistani authorities/ officials [we] will follow up this matter,” referring to disinformation regarding donations for Palestine.

The Embassy vehemently appreciated the efforts of Pakistani officials, representatives, and public for their untiring support.

“We extend our grateful appreciation and thanks to our brotherly people of Pakistan, the President, the Prime Minister, the government officials, and the Pakistan Army.”

Also, “we highly appreciate the entities and personalities that have been made through accredited Pakistani institutions.”

Lastly, “we assure you that the donations have been sent to Palestine-Gaza.”

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“And, we are continuing sending them to Gaza through effective and efficient cooperation between the Embassy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan, the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), the Al-Khidmat Foundation, the Red Crescent and other institutions and personalities,” it concluded.


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