Islamabad, 12 October 2023 (TDI): Nader Al-Turk, the Deputy Head of Palestine in Pakistan, in a Facebook post shared that the world is witnessing a humanitarian catastrophe in the Palestinian territories.

Civilians, including children, women, and the elderly, are bearing the brunt of the ongoing conflict. He urged that the situation calls for immediate attention from the international community.

It must uphold the principles of international humanitarian law and protect the rights and dignity of all individuals affected by this crisis.

Recent events in Gaza have shown that civilians in the region are enduring unimaginable hardship.

Official statistics indicate that over 60% of those martyred or injured are children, women, and the elderly, underscoring the severity of the crisis.

The wanton destruction of houses and infrastructure by Israeli occupation forces further compounds the suffering of the Palestinian population.

It is vital to remind the world that international humanitarian law strictly prohibits any policy of mass punishment against civilians, and the denial of basic necessities such as water, electricity, food, medicine, and medical supplies.

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Such actions violate the fundamental principles that underpin the protection of human life, and they must not go unchecked.

The international community’s silence in the face of this crisis is a matter of great concern. Double standards in addressing such issues undermine the very principles of justice and peace that the world should stand for.

The blind support for any form of occupation and terrorist practices runs counter to the promotion of international security, peace, and stability.

The situation calls for immediate action and a renewed commitment to peace, justice, and respect for human rights.

The world must collectively work towards a resolution that safeguards the rights and well-being of all those affected by this conflict. The time for international solidarity and constructive dialogue is now.

As the international community reflects upon its role in this crisis, we are reminded of the wisdom in the saying, “You have no idea how to rule.”

He urged the world to strive for equitable and peaceful solutions that prioritize the dignity and safety of all individuals, irrespective of their background.

Palestinian people stand resilient, yearning for a day when the shots of treachery no longer threaten their lives and their dreams. The world must hear their plea and act swiftly to alleviate their suffering.

In the end, he stated, “Do not despise the supplication of the people, if you are in pain, for they will be in pain as you are in pain.

And you hope from Allah what you do not hope for, and it is to Allah.” He entreated that shared hope and collective efforts are needed to lead to a future where peace, justice, and security prevail in the region.

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