Beijing, 5 April 2023 (TDI): Pakistan’s Federal Minister for Planning of Development & Special Initiatives, Ahsan Iqbal, highlighted the continued strong friendship and strategic partnership between Pakistan & China as well as China’s broad political support for Pakistan.

Also, Minister Iqbal acknowledged the significant role of the Minister of the International Department of the Communist Party of China (IDCPC), Liu Jianchao, in promoting better understanding and deepening relations between the two countries.

At a meeting in Beijing, Iqbal commended the CPC’s role in China’s peaceful rise and economic development, paying tribute to President Xi Jinping’s vision for initiatives such as the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), Global Development Initiative (GDI), Global Security Initiative (GSI), and Global Civilization Initiative (GCI), which are contributing to creating a peaceful and harmonious world.

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) was hailed by Minister Iqbal as a “shining example” of BRI cooperation.

On the other side, Minister Liu Jianchao also appreciated Minister Iqbal’s role in nurturing and developing CPEC in his current and earlier tenures.

Subsequently, Both Ministers reaffirmed CPEC’s importance as the flagship project of BRI, with plans to add further impetus to CPEC cooperation, marking the completion of one decade as an important milestone.

Recalling the successful visit of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif to Beijing in November 2022, the two sides agreed to work out modalities of IDCPC’s support for capacity-building through special training of Pakistani young political leaders & professionals in China.

Furthermore, Iqbal extended an invitation to Liu Jianchao to visit Pakistan to continue the discussions and cooperation for further deepening of their bilateral ties.

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The meeting between the two Ministers highlighted the strong and deep-rooted friendship between Pakistan and China, based on mutual trust, respect, and shared interests.

Above all, the cooperation between the two countries is crucial for regional peace, stability, and development, and both sides are committed to further strengthening their relationship in the years to come.