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Pakistan’s Envoys address global food security concerns


Islamabad, 1 February 2024(TDI): In pursuit of fostering international partnerships in education and addressing global food security concerns, Pakistan’s envoys in Australia and Mexico engaged in separate interactions with senior officials from esteemed universities in their respective countries.

However, High Commissioner Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri conducted a productive meeting with Professor Steve Rogers, the Pro Vice-Chancellor of Darwin University, and Dr. Warren Hunt, Project Manager of Northern Australia Food Technology Innovation.

Furthermore, the dialogue aimed at leveraging the expertise and resources of both nations to address challenges in the agricultural and food sectors.

Simultaneously, Ambassador Shozab Abbas in Mexico held discussions with Ricardo Barragan, the Director General of the Geology Institute at UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México).

The ambassador presented an overview of the significant potential within Pakistani universities and proposed measures to strengthen educational cooperation between Pakistan and Mexico.

The emphasis was on creating avenues for academic exchange programs, research collaborations, and joint initiatives that would benefit both nations.

Educational Partnerships

Ambassador Abbas highlighted the diverse academic landscape in Pakistan and the wealth of opportunities available for educational partnerships.

The proposed collaboration aims to facilitate the exchange of students and faculty, promoting a cross-cultural learning environment.

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Additionally,High Commissioner Chaudhri, along with Professor Rogers and Dr. Hunt, explored avenues to address food security challenges through joint research and innovation.

The meeting aimed to establish a framework for collaborative projects in food preservation technologies, leveraging the strengths of both Pakistan and the Northern Territory.

Both interactions underscored the commitment of Pakistan’s diplomatic missions to foster collaborations that contribute to global development.

By focusing on education and food security, these initiatives align with the broader goal of creating sustainable partnerships that benefit communities and economies.

As Pakistan’s envoys actively engage with esteemed institutions globally, the emphasis remains on strengthening bilateral ties, fostering mutual understanding, and creating pathways for shared growth and prosperity.

The writer is a dedicated graduate student pursuing an MPhil in DSS from NDU Islamabad.

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