Pakistan Ambassador to Vietnam, Samina Mehtab (L) engaged in a diplomatic dialogue with the Transport Minister of Vietnam, Nguyen Van.

Hanoi, 26 October 2021 (TDI): Pakistan’s Ambassador to Vietnam, Samina Mehtab met Minister, Nguyen Van at the Ministry of transport. The Vietnamese Minister congratulated Ambassador Samina Mehtab on her new term in Vietnam. They then deliberated on the possibilities of entering into multiple bilateral agreements.

Pakistan’s Ambassador proposed to the minister the possible bilateral agreements that the two sides should consider.  The considerations proposed by the Ambassador pertained to entering into an agreement on bilateral maritime transport and bilateral aviation. She also proposed investment opportunities in Pakistan’s highway sector.

The Vietnamese Minister stated that if the two countries enter a successful maritime transport agreement then the trade volume between Vietnam and Pakistan would surge at an unprecedented level. The Minister showed the willingness to enter into a bilateral maritime transport agreement by assigning the Vietnam Maritime Administration to continue coordination with Pakistani authorities.

Pakistan’s Ambassador to Vietnam, Samina Mehtab also proposed opening direct flights between the two countries. Direct flights between Vietnam and Pakistan would facilitate favorable conditions for both countries in the realm of trade, investment, and tourism. The Spillover Effects of such a development would be socio-economic development in the two countries.

Pakistan’s Ambassador engaged in diplomatic dialogue with the Vietnamese counterpart and stated Pakistan’s interest in strengthening bilateral cooperation with Vietnam. She also mentioned that Pakistan attaches great importance to its relationship with Vietnam. Pakistan wishes to expand cooperation in all areas of mutual interest.

Pakistan and Vietnam established their diplomatic relations on November 8, 1972. The two countries since the establishment of their diplomatic relations have entered into multiple various memorandums of understanding and bilateral agreements.