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Pakistani Ambassador visits Finland, discuss education prospects


Helsinki, 6 March 2024 (TDI): Zahoor Ahmed, Ambassador of Pakistan, accompanied by the consular team, is set to visit Lahti, Finland, on March 7, 2024.

The primary purpose of this visit is to engage with the Pakistani diaspora community and provide consular services, including power of attorney and attestations.

In a Notable event preceding the Lahti visit, Ambassador Zahoor Ahmed visited Herttoniemenranta Lower Comprehensive School in Helsinki, a primary school that includes grades 1-6.

During this visit, he met Urdu language students, engaged with the community and gain insights into the experiences of learning their mother tongue in a non-Pakistani environment.

Ambassador Ahmed actively engaged in discussion with teachers, discussing teaching methods and curriculum of Urdu language. This exchange aimed to enhance the learning experience for students in a multicultural setting.

The diplomatic visit to Finland spanned from March 3rd to March 6th, 2024, where Ambassador Zahoor Ahmed, along with the consular team, actively engaged with the local community, reinforcing bilateral ties.

During his stay in Finland, Ambassador Zahoor Ahmed extended congratulations to Alexander Stubb on assuming the presidency of the Republic of Finland.

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In an official statement, he expressed, “It is a pleasure to join Helsinki today in welcoming Alexander Stubb as the new President of the Republic of Finland. Our best wishes go out to our Finnish friends on the dawn of this era of friendship.”

To strengthen people-to-people exchanges, Ambassador Ahmed visited Linneuniversitetet Linnaeus University, Vaxjö campus, during his stay In Vaxjö, Sweden.

The discussions centered on encouraging student exchanges between Pakistan and Sweden, emphasizing the significance of educational collaboration.

The Embassy of Pakistan in Finland is strongly committed to nurturing diplomatic relations, strengthening cultural understanding, and providing essential consular services to the Pakistani diaspora.

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