Khartoum, 5 July 2022 (TDI): Pakistani Ambassador to Sudan, Meer Behrose Regi called on his French and Swiss counterparts.

During his meeting with the Ambassador of the French Republic to Sudan, Raja Rabia, both officials highlighted the significance of Pakistan and France relations.

Also, during his meeting with the Ambassador of Switzerland to Sudan, Christian Winter, the Pakistani Envoy exchanged views with Ambassador Winter on the matter of common interests. In addition to this, they also shared readiness to cooperate in the future.

Pakistan-France relations

Pakistan and France share relations that are mostly structured around three axes namely political, economic, and security.

Economic exchanges between the two countries have amounted to approximately one billion euros.

Pakistan is France’s second export partner in South Asia. More to this, cultural relations are strengthened by the presence of three Alliance Francaise centers in Pakistan, that is, in Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi.

There are significant educational links between both countries. French agencies responsible for recruiting students have been working with the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.

Pakistan Switzerland relations

Pakistan and Switzerland maintain good bilateral relations and have signed several agreements.

Switzerland in addition engages in regular political dialogue with Pakistan. Thus, the tenth round of talks was held in February 2018 in Bern.

These agreements include investment protection, debt consolidation, aviation, double taxation, and disaster relief.

Significantly, Switzerland ranks fifth in foreign direct investment in Pakistan and is a reliable trading partner to Pakistan.

Additionally, many Swiss-based multinational companies have significantly invested in various sectors in Pakistan.

Swiss exports to Pakistan amounted to CHF 373.7 million in 2019 and consisted mainly of machinery, chemical and pharmaceutical products, and watches.

Imports from Pakistan including mostly textiles and agricultural products amounted to CHF 166.8 million. Furthermore, from 2018 to 2019 Switzerland invested USD 21.2 million in Pakistan.

Most importantly, Swiss development cooperation activities within Pakistan aim to promote peaceful coexistence. As well as ensuring the equitable distribution and sustainable management of natural resources for all sections of the population.