Istanbul, 5 June 2023 (TDI): The Consulate General of Pakistan in Istanbul conducted a highly productive meeting with the team from Kirklarelitso.

Kirklareli, situated approximately 150 kilometers away from Istanbul, is home to numerous agricultural companies and milk processing units, making it a significant hub in the region.

In this meeting, they discussed the matters relating to collaborative joint ventures in dairy sectors and visited the prominent companies of agro-food exhibitions.

By working together, the two areas hope to increase their economic cooperation, the dairy industry, and bilateral trade.

Turkey and Pakistan are looking at possibilities for dairy-related joint ventures. Pakistan has a robust agricultural industry and is well-known for its milk, yogurt, and cheese.

An advantageous position and access to regional markets are provided by Istanbul, a significant economic and cultural center in Turkey.

By establishing joint ventures, both nations may improve dairy production, processing, and distribution by pooling their knowledge, resources, and market access.

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This cooperation may result in the sharing of best practices, the transfer of technology, and the creation of premium dairy products for both home and foreign markets.

A culinary exhibition is being organized by Pakistan and Istanbul to highlight notable businesses from both regions. This show acts as a hub for corporate networking, trade promotion, and the spotlighting of food items.

Participating businesses from Pakistan and Istanbul can present their goods, make connections with prospective customers, and research new markets.

The event offers a chance to show off the variety and high quality of food goods, from dairy to processed meals, spices, and beverages. For the participating businesses, it also makes knowledge sharing, industry partnerships, and market expansion possible.

The meeting resulted in the cooperation between Pakistan and Istanbul in the food industry, and the food expo helped to promote trade, grow the economy, and share culinary knowledge.

Through these measures, the corporate communities of the two regions become more closely connected, which increases investment, generates more jobs and increases income.

Pakistan and Istanbul can improve their respective dairy sectors, promote their food products, and access new consumer markets by building on each other’s advantages and market potential.

This partnership is advantageous to both the participating businesses and the general economic growth and bilateral ties between Pakistan and Istanbul.