Parachinar, 4 November 2021 (TDI): Pakistan’s aid and relief organizations provide humanitarian aid to Afghanistan. The relief package consisted of edibles and pharmaceutical goods.

The aid was sent through Kharlachi Border, Kurram district.

A total of 30 convoy truckloads carried the 2.2 tons of relief package. Afghan authorities received the relief package and engaged in a documentation signing ceremony.

Pakistan has actively participated in sending relief packages to Afghanistan through Chaman, Torkham, Ghulam Khan, Angoor, and Adda Borders.

Additional Deputy Commissioner Kuram, Asmatullah Wazir acknowledged Pakistan’s active contributions in sending relief packages to Afghanistan.

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Pakistan has vowed to assist Afghanistan to avert any humanitarian crisis in the region. Additional Deputy Commissioner Kuram, Asmatuallah Wazir lauded Pakistan’s efforts and asserted that Pakistan would continue providing such relief goods to Afghanistan.

Provincial Commander of Afghan Police, Umar Muklis also acknowledged Pakistan’s efforts with praiseworthy comments.

Chairman Kashmir Urban Relief Trust, Chaudhry Akhtar, and Chairman Pak-Afghan Cooperation Forum, Habibullah also participated in the gathering.

Pakistan has been actively sending humanitarian aid to Afghanistan since the US and its allies withdrew from Afghanistan ending 20 years of war.