Islamabad, 14 March 2023 (TDI): The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), under the direction of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, sent its 5th cargo plane to Türkiye.

The consignment consists of 1200 winterized climate-resistant family tents weighing 90 tons. This freight was dispatched today from Lahore as part of a special air cargo operation that began on 11 March 2023.

The humanitarian assistance will support people devastated by last month’s terrible earthquake, which displaced thousands of families. The climate-controlled tents provide affected families safety and shelter during the harsh winter months.

Pakistan’s sending of this cargo plane is the latest in a string of humanitarian gestures towards Türkiye. Pakistan has already dispatched multiple relief aid consignments to Türkiye, including medical supplies, food, and other necessities.

On the 4th deployment, a senior government official, Rana Mashhood Ahmad, and a journalist are also traveling with humanitarian supplies.

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Before leaving, Ahmad pledged Pakistan’s support for Türkiye’s humanitarian crisis. Furthermore, he expressed his sympathy for the victims and acknowledged the hardships faced by the Turkish people in their struggle against the weather.

The most recent shipment raises the total number of Type II tents delivered to Türkiye by this special operation to 6000. Pakistan Navy Ship and the PIA have already transmitted 2595. Pakistan has now delivered 8595 weather-resistant tents to Türkiye.

The special aircraft operation, which comprises more than 34 cargo flights, has been started to expedite the delivery of relief aid to Türkiye. The current phase of the operation will go until 23 March 2023.

Pakistan and Türkiye have a longstanding, multifaceted relationship based on shared history, culture, and beliefs.

Pakistan’s humanitarian gesture demonstrates Pakistan’s genuine concern for the Turkish people’s well-being and its strong willingness to assist in alleviating their suffering in times of need.

It also displays Pakistan’s steady commitment to supporting regional peace, stability, and collaboration.

Catastrophic Earthquake’s Effects in Türkiye

The February 6 earthquakes caused more than 52,000 fatalities in southern Türkiye and northwest Syria. Several people were crushed or buried while sleeping.

The United Nations described the devastation in Türkiye’s worst-affected district of Hatay as “apocalyptic.” It stated that hundreds of thousands of homes were destroyed.

A donor conference will be held on March 16 in Brussels to solicit funding for survivors and reconstruction. The UNDP estimates the damage from last month’s catastrophic earthquakes in Turkey will reach $100 billion.

According to the UNDP, resources are scarce, but the needs are significant. Recovery expenses include upgrading and environmentally sustainable infrastructure.

The World Bank projected $34.2 billion in direct damage in Türkiye. However, it warned that recovery and reconstruction expenses would be significantly greater.

According to Turkish official data, almost two million survivors have been placed in temporary shelters or evacuated from the earthquake-ravaged region.

In addition, 46,000 people have been relocated to container homes, leaving almost 1.5 million living in tents. According to the data, others are residing in guesthouses and hostels.