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Pakistan Navy and PMSA carried a joint operation at 180nmi South of Karachi


Islamabad, 2 August 2021 (TDI): The Pakistan Navy and the Pakistan Maritime Safety Agency carried out a joint operation 180 nautical miles south of Karachi to rescue the crew of MS SUVARI H. 

The operation took place in the exclusive economic zone of Pakistan’s maritime zone where the cargo ship was scheduled to reach an accident due to strong wind and high tide. The crew sent emergency messages before sinking and received the information from the nearby freighter, MT Elan Vital. 

PMSA and Pakistan Naval Force rescued immediately five of the crew members. After receiving the news, a Pakistani navy aircraft was escorted to the sinking site for aerial surveillance, and PMSA aircraft and ships were immediately dispatched to provide help. The help of a life raft. 

The identities of the other members were reported to the nearby ship MT DESH ABHIMAAN, which rescued five of the other members. 

So far, the Pakistan Navy and PMSA have rescued, Fifteen of the eighteen crew members, while the Pakistan Navy and PMSA have conducted ship and aircraft search operations to locate the other 3 crew members. This ship transported goods from India to Somalia. All the crew members of the sunk ship belong to Syria.

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