Willington, 29 June 2022 (TDI): To celebrate the 75th Independence anniversary of Pakistan, the Pakistan High Commission in New Zealand has embarked on a mission to spread Urdu language literacy in New Zealand.

Pakistan High Commission is working in collaboration with Earth Diverse. It is a cultural and language education institute in Hamilton, New Zealand. The institution works to provide diverse knowledge of culture and environment and help mitigate racism and discrimination.

Meanwhile, Urdu course books have been provided to the institution, in addition to which a complete Urdu language Course Program has been introduced.

Pakistan High Commission is enthusiastic to share more Urdu language books and literacy courses with other individuals and organizations across New Zealand.

Accordingly, the goal is not just to strengthen the Urdu language skill of the Pakistani Diaspora; it aims to create interest in this language and its culture in the local population.

Moreover, to nominate Urdu as one of the priority languages, High Commission made significant efforts. Subsequently, the schools of New Zealand were to teach these priority languages.

New Zealand is a multicultural country and Pakistan has high hopes for inter-cultural harmony in relations with New Zealand.

Besides strong links due to two-way trade, both countries work closely in the successful promotion of cricket diplomacy.

The ties between the two countries are of long duration that promotes mutual respect, transparency, and education.

Urdu Language

South Asia is home to various Indo-Aryan languages, one of which is Urdu. It is described as a Persianised register of the Hindustani Language.

However, Arabic, Persian and Turkish languages have a large influence on Urdu.

It is the national language of Pakistan. However, people speak this language widely around the globe, including in India, the Middle East, Britain, Canada, the USA, Australia, and New Zealand.