Minsk, 27 October 2022 (TDI): The Embassy of Pakistan in Belarus organized an event on Thursday to mark the 75th commemoration of the Kashmir Black Day.

The program included a video documentary, messages from the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan, and a photographic exhibition.

The Pakistani community members in Belarus and a few Belarusians attended the event.

On this occasion, addressing the participants, Ambassador of Pakistan to Belarus Sajjad Haider Khan spoke about the genesis of the Kashmir dispute, International Law, and UNSC Resolutions on the dispute.

Moreover, he talked about the current situation in the Illegally Occupied Indian Jammu & Kashmir. He further highlighted Indian ongoing repressions against the Kashmiris and the rising threat of Hindutva ideology & their impact on the region.

He underscored that it was crucial for peace, stability, and economic development in the region to resolve the Kashmir dispute per the relevant UNSC resolutions.

At the occasion, the Head of Chancery/Second Secretary at the Embassy of Pakistan in Minsk, Momin Qureshi, read the messages of the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Kashmir Black Day:

The day is known as “Black Day” around the world since it was on this date 74 years ago that India violently seized control of the State of Jammu and Kashmir.

On October 27, 1947, Indian soldiers physically invaded Jammu and Kashmir. They unlawfully seized it against the will of the Kashmiri people, thus violating the letter and the spirit of the Subcontinental Partition Plan.

Pakistan and India have been in a territorial conflict over Kashmir since 1947. Pakistan has, on multiple occasions, highlighted and raised voice against the human rights violations and injustices committed by India in Kashmir.

Indian forces have been accused of human rights abuses and terror acts against the Kashmiri civilian population, including extrajudicial killing, rape, torture, and enforced disappearances.

Each year on this date, diplomatic missions worldwide hold different events in commemoration of the day to protest against India and show solidarity with Kashmir.

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