Beijing, 6 June 2023 (TDI): Ambassador of Pakistan Moin ul Haque signed MoU between the Water and Power Authority, the government of Pakitan, and CWRC for cooperation in areas of water conservation, flood control, drought relief, ecological protection, and water technologies. It aligns with the spirit of the ‘Living Indus Initiative.’


In this memorandum, they take a step toward addressing significant issues with regard to the availability of water in both countries. In order to maintain sustainable development and efficient management of water-related concerns, this memorandum seeks to encourage cooperation and mutual support in a variety of fields.

Together, the two nations can share best practices, create cutting-edge methods, and put conservation measures in place to save water and increase productivity.

Another important topic covered by the agreement is flood control. Devastating floods have struck Pakistan in the past, resulting in fatalities, displaced populations, and infrastructure destruction.

Pakistan can gain from cutting-edge technologies, knowledge sharing, and cooperative projects targeted at lessening the impact of floods by working with China, which has experience in flood control methods.

The agreement places a strong emphasis on collaborative efforts to preserve and restore ecosystems like wetlands, rivers, and forests in recognition of the significance of ecological conservation. The implementation of measures to stop pollution, protect habitats, and encourage sustainable land use practices.

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The relationship also involves the sharing of knowledge and technologies related to water.

Pakistan can benefit from China’s experience in improvements in water treatment, desalination, and purification technologies, improving its ability to solve water-related issues successfully.

Joint research and development projects may result in the development of new water technologies that are advantageous to both nations.

The memorandum between China and Pakistan shows a dedication to all-encompassing water management and sustainable development. Both nations seek to address water-related concerns, safeguard resources, and increase resilience to water-related problems through collaboration in a variety of areas.

The Living Indus Initiative agreement between China and Pakistan indicates both countries’ commitment to addressing water-related concerns comprehensively.

Both countries hope to promote sustainable development, manage water resources, and build resilience to water-related difficulties by working in areas such as water conservation, flood control, drought relief, ecological preservation, and water technologies.

This relationship will benefit the well-being of the region’s residents and ecosystems, ensuring a sustainable future for future generations.