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Pakistan and US officials enhance trade and investment ties


Islamabad, 3 April 2024 (TDI): Ambassador Masood Khan, engaged in fruitful discussions with Brendan Lynch, Assistant US Trade Representative for South and Central Asia, focusing on enhancing trade and investment opportunities between Pakistan and the US.

The meeting also explored the dynamics of the upcoming (AUSTR) visit to Pakistan for the 7th Inter-sessional meeting of the Pak-US Trade and Investment Framework Agreement.

The meeting, held on 3 April 2024, served as a platform for both parties to exchange perspectives on strengthening economic ties and fostering mutual growth.

Ambassador Masood Khan highlighted the importance of bilateral trade relations, emphasizing the potential for expanded cooperation in various sectors.

During the discussion, Masood Khan and Brendan Lynch deliberated on key areas of interest, including trade facilitation measures, tariff barriers, and investment incentives.

Both sides expressed their commitment to overcoming challenges and creating an enabling environment to promote trade and investment activities.

Furthermore, the officials acknowledged the significance of leveraging technology.

And innovation to drive economic development and enhance competitiveness in global markets.

They explored opportunities for collaboration in emerging sectors such as technology, renewable energy, and healthcare.

Masood Khan and Brendan Lynch reaffirmed their dedication to fostering a conducive environment for businesses.

Moreover investors from both nations, aiming to unlock the full potential of bilateral trade and investment. The meeting concluded on a positive note, with both parties.

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Moreover expressing the future of trade collaboration and investment prospects between Pakistan and the United States.

They agreed to continue their dialogue and explore concrete steps to further strengthen economic relations for the benefit of both nations.

Focusing on enhancing trade and investment between Pakistan and US.They explored identifying key sectors for investment, and addressing any existing trade barriers.

Both sides exchanged insights on potential areas of cooperation and outlined strategies to promote economic growth and mutual prosperity.


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