Muscat, 5 July 2022 (TDI): Oman and Yemen reviewed areas of cooperation and addressed challenges to boost bilateral relations between the two countries.

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The session between the Ministers of the two countries took place on Sunday in the Governorate of Dhofar, Oman.

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From the Omani side, the meeting was headed by the Minister of Transport, Communications, and Information Technology, Said Hamoud Al Ma’awali.

From the Yemeni side, it was headed by the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Dr. Najeeb Mansour Al Auj.

The two reviewed bilateral cooperation in the areas of communications, transport, and information technology. In addition, other topics such as business, investment, and logistics partnership were discussed.

Both Ministers also expressed encouragement towards setting up more joint ventures. The importance of addressing challenges and finding solutions to boost bilateral relations was also noted.

Oman-Yemen bilateral relations 

The Minister of Transport, Communications, and Information Technology of Oman proposed new areas and fields of cooperation.

These include transit commerce, air transport, maritime, land, investing in free zones and enhancing work in information technology and communications.

The Yemeni Minister also highlighted the significance of joint ventures in these fields to boost partnerships. Further, he stressed the role of the joint meetings in reactivating agreements signed in the previous years.

The joint session between the two Ministers also discussed means of facilitating bank procedures for Yemini investors. The means of activating new agreements and reactivating previous agreements were also talked about in the session.

In his statement, Yemen’s Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Dr Najeeb Mansour Al Auj, said that many of these projects are to be inaugurated in the near future.

Furthermore, he added, “There are many projects that are expected to be launched soon, including reconnection of cables along the border between the Wilayat of Al-Mazyona and the Yemeni Shahan area.”