Oslo, 21 February 2023 (TDI): Norway observed the United Nations’ World Day of Social Justice. It reiterated its commitment to Sustainable Development Goal 16 of the UN asserting social justice and inclusion as the cornerstone of every society.

The theme for 2023 is “Overcoming barriers and unleashing opportunities for social justice”. This year marks the agenda of strengthening global solidarity and restoring trust in government.

This will be done by overcoming barriers and providing equal opportunities for social justice for all citizens. Norway currently holds a record of social welfare schemes for its citizens.

It is worth admiring that no one is living in extreme poverty according to Human Development Index. The entire population, in Norway, has equal access to equity and justness, economic resources, health, education, and other welfare services.

Moreover, Norway has a long-standing history of upholding the virtuous principles of social justice and providing the greatest amenities to its citizens at home.

Back in 2018, Norway partnered with Sri Lanka under the United Nations (UN) Development Program’s backing for the promotion of Sustainable Development Goal 16; social justice and inclusion.

The two years long agreement brought out several sanguine gains, especially for the marginalized segments who benefitted immensely from transparent, right-based, inclusive, and constructive public institutions in Sri Lanka.

The accountability enhanced and brightened the trust between governing and governed. With such devotion to UN SDG’s goals, Norway yet again has shown the same resolve to the 2023 theme of World Day of Social justice.

It aims to take on a more gender-inclusive approach in its policymaking and offer a comprehensive social welfare plan for the entire population.